Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Não há elegância maior que a simplicidade."

- Ray M. Ransom, "microcomputer expert extraordinaire. Since 1977, the finest design and development services of embedded controllers, microcontroller, microprocessor and DSP-based systems, peripherals and software have been found nowhere else. My design philosophy, consistently and concisely applied for a quarter century, is that there is no greater elegance than simplicity. 8 bits are preferred over 16 and 16 over 32. 5 MHz clocks are preferred over 50, and 50 over 500. Assembly is preferred over C, and C over C++. The elimination of software bloat is the key to eliminating hardware bloat. The elimination of hardware bloat is the key to creating a product that rises above the cacophony of mediocrity to garner praise for innovation, performance and cost-effectiveness."



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